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Healthier Building Products Collections

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When specifying products, it is important to consider their effects on human and environmental health throughout their life cycle. With the sheer volume of materials available, it can be difficult to find healthier options. HML wants to help you make smart material choices. These curated product collections contain healthier building product options. Some of these products are available to view in person at the Donghia healthier Materials Library at Parsons.

Healthier Design Alternatives Collections

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Human and environmental health considerations must be forefronted throughout the entire design process: from model making to finishes. These curated product collections contain products contributing to a healthier design in a range of areas.

Natural and Healthy Collections

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Natural materials offer an exciting source of healthier alternatives to commonly used synthetic products. These collections of bio-based products include natural insulations, structural materials, packaging, foams, and fibers. Using bio-based alternatives such as these benefits human health, as many natural materials are free from toxic additives like flame retardants. Because they biodegrade at the end of their life, these materials benefit the health of the environment as well. Some of the products in these collections are available to view in person at the Donghia healthier Materials Library at Parsons.

Databases of Certified Products Databases of Certified Products

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Design-Forward Product Libraries Design-Forward Product Libraries

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