We are Healthy Materials Lab, a design research lab at Parsons School of Design. We are dedicated to a world in which people’s health is placed at the center of all design decisions.

We are committed to raising awareness about toxic chemicals in building products and to creating resources for designers and architects to make healthier places for all people to live.

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Healthy Materials Lab at Parsons School of Design is an interdisciplinary, international, and professionally diverse collective of graduate students, alumni, and faculty with backgrounds in media, architecture, design, community development, education, and business.

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Our Goals

In the broadest sense, our goals are for healthier spaces and healthier lives. To achieve this, we strive to:


Improve common building materials to reduce exposure to toxics and improve health.


Foster knowledge and awareness of today’s healthier material alternatives—make them more marketable, accessible, and popular.


Empower communities living in poverty to remove toxics in their built environments.


Educate professionals, teachers and students about the issue of material health and enable them to change current practices.


Work with manufacturers to promote transparency and drive innovation.

Healthy Affordable Materials Project

The Healthy Affordable Materials Project is a four-part collaborative that seeks to improve the lives and health of affordable housing residents by reducing the use of toxic materials in building products.

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Healthy Materials Lab is supported in large part by a grant from The JPB Foundation. Donghia healthier Materials Library is supported in large part by a grant from the Angelo Donghia Foundation.

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