Donghia healthier Materials Library

A resource for students, faculty, practitioners, and researchers from around the world to find material samples, evaluative tools, and in-person support.


25 E 13th St, E303 (3rd floor)

Hours of Operation

3 PM – 9 PM
12 PM – 6 PM
12 PM – 6 PM
12 PM – 6 PM
12 PM – 6 PM
12 PM – 6 PM
12 PM – 6 PM

Hours follow the New School Academic Calendar. Limited hours during summer.


Donghia healthier Materials Library
(212) 229-8900 x4671

[email protected]


The Donghia healthier Materials Library offers material samples for loan, periodicals, and material research resources. The library has a growing database of material information including material composition and manufacturing processes. The collection is curated with a particular emphasis on healthier material education and choice. Material transparency is central the library’s mission to reveal material contents in all products. The Library works closely with the Parsons Healthy Materials Lab and the Making Center to introduce to all students to the importance of material selection and its connection to human health.

Our Samples

From flooring to paint to insulation, Donghia Materials Library offers a wide variety of innovative material samples. Some highlights include:

Denim Insulation
Ecor Board
Wool Insulation
Milk Paint

Interested in more material collections?

We curate product collections featuring healthier materials both on display at Donghia Materials Library and beyond.
See our material collections

How to Access

Open to Parsons students, faculty, and alumni, as well as design professionals, the library is staffed with student researchers and research assistants during all open hours.

The Library Director is available by appointment to discuss and assist regarding material research projects. Please email to make an appointment.


Sign your class up for an orientation
Class orientations are a 30 minute introduction to the library, and how students can use it. This presentation introduces students to the importance of material health and sustainable practices, while sharing highlights from the materials collection.To setup an orientation contact the Library Director.
Assign your students work using the Library
Faculty can tailor class assignments to create possible materials outcomes that could be added to the collection for future students to access. Assignments can center around material research, manufacture outreach, sustainability, communication design and others.


Borrow Samples
Students, faculty and staff can borrow up to 10 samples for a week at a time. This aids in exploring and sharing your project vision in critiques and project boards. Unique and rare samples are non circulating. Come in to see!
Visit During Open Hours
No appointment is necessary for general visits during open hours. Stop in to prepare for an assignment, consult staff about material choices or to simply get inspired.


Visit the library
You’re welcome to view our samples and access our material databases and portals to various other material resources and a collection of periodicals

Design Professionals

Visit the Library
Email the Library Director to set up an appointment to visit the library during any open hours. We only lend to active students and faculty, but browsing, databases and research are available to all.

Past Events

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