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The polluting practices of the textile industry are responsible for widespread impact on people and the environment. Learn about innovation in six major categories that can collectively transform the industry. These guides detail sourcing strategies, alternatives to current processes, and resources that exemplify the future of healthier textiles.

Healthier Design Strategies

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Rather than relying on least-bad alternatives, consider design strategies that can avoid the hazards all together. Through looking at category specific guides, early childhood centered materials, historical precedents, and material innovation, we can take agency as designers to find creative solutions to making healthier spaces.

Materials Guidance Materials Guidance

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Before you begin looking for products, direct your search to the types of materials that are most likely to yield healthier options. These guides can help you understand the common properties associated with any given product category (known as a Common Product Profiles), and can allow you to be more informed and intentional when it comes time to searching for products.

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Do you have any suggestions for additions to the these resources? We aggregate healthy affordable materials resources, references, and contributions created by experts around the world, and we don't want to leave anything out!

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