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Trace Material explores the convergence of our lives and the lives of the materials that surround us. Each season we dig into a material you might find in your interior environment to discover what it can tell us about our history, our culture, and our bodies.

This season, we’re telling stories from the plastics age. How did we get here? We explore the living history of the wonder material, from Bakelite radios in the family room to Tupperware in the kitchen. We talk to politicians, lawyers fighting big business, and environmental justice advocates about how plastic has transformed our lives––for better and for worse.

Season one focuses on hemp––one of the two main ingredients in the superstar healthy material, HempLime, often called Hempcrete. Although it seems much of the US has gone hemp crazy, Trace Material thinks about hemp critically. We look into the history of American agriculture, the 2018 Farm Bill, and hemp’s potential to right some of the social and environmental wrongs of the country’s past.




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Season 3: Fungi

Unearthing the magical world of fungi

Season 2: Plastics

Uncovering the human stories behind a synthetic material

Season 1: Hemp

Diving into hemp’s complicated history and exciting future

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