Trace Material Podcast: Season 2

Trace Material Season 2

Trace Material explores the intersection of our lives and the lives of the materials that surround us, one material at a time. This year, for Trace Material’s second season, the podcast team at HML is investigating plastic.

A little over a century ago, plastic was born out of a test tube in a chemist’s garage. In just a few generations, this material has grown to define our world. Our homes, our environment, and even our bodies have become plasticized. Join us as we uncover the human stories behind this synthetic material––we’ll be venturing into the fourth kingdom, visiting Tupperware parties held on Facebook Live and learning about the power of local communities to combat pollution.

Trace Material is honored to join organizations like PBS and NPR as a recipient of the National Endowment of the Humanities’s Media Production Grants. The NEH has a long history of funding deep historical research that has been transformational in the way the American public views its own history, and we hope our listeners will change the way they look at a material that is currently covering our world.

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