In Episode 4, we turn to Winona LaDuke. Winona is a two-time Vice Presidential nominee, an internationally renowned environmentalist…and a hemp farmer.

With Winona’s help, we’re backing up a little bit to look at the context of the American hemp boom. We know hemp has the potential to change our world, but what is it exactly about our world that needs to change? Part of what Winona thinks needs to change is our dependence on fossil fuels. Peter Hille, President the Mountain Association for Community and Economic Development would agree. He explains how extractive economies have ravaged Eastern Kentucky and lays out what a just transition for Appalachia will look like.

Join us to hear about the road that our society has already walked - the scorched path, and the road that is opening up to us - the green path.

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This episode features excerpts from Winona LaDuke’s keynote address at our 2019 symposium, Design Frontiers: Material Health. You can watch her full address below.

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Trace Material is a project of Parsons Healthy Materials Lab at the New School. It is produced by Ava Robinson, Alie Kilts, Burgess Brown and the HML team. Thank you to Winona LaDuke and Peter Hille for lending their voices, thoughts and experiences to this episode. And special thanks to Friends of Healthier Materials who help make this possible. Our theme music is “Rainbow Road” by Cardioid. Additional music from Blue Dot Sessions.

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