Trace Material Podcast: Season 1

Trace Material Season 1

Season one of Trace Material focuses on hemp––one of the two main ingredients in the superstar healthy material HempLime. Although it seems much of the US has gone hemp crazy, Trace Material thinks about hemp critically. We’re excited to explore this material with you!

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Audio from news clips about hemp.

Alie Kilts: America has become hemp obsessed.

Ava Robinson: But we’re here to get hemp critical. I’m Ava.

Alie: And I’m Alie. This is Trace Material a new podcast from Parsons Healthy Materials Lab at the New School.

Ava: The stuff in our walls, furniture, and clothes have a big effect on our bodies and our environment… they also have stories to tell.

Alie: We’re going to trace the history of the materials we surround ourselves with, and see what they reveal about the way we live our lives.

Ava: This season we’re digging into all things hemp. For as long as this country has existed, hemp has been deeply ingrained in its culture.

Kathy Nichols: And hemp, by the way, is the reason slavery is entrenched in Kentucky.

Cassandra Sea: Yeah, the very same thing that brought prosperity to the family that raised hemp was the same thing that whip the slaves that broke the hemp and that was just the, it was just crazy, the cycle.

Alie: Hemp’s gotten caught in the crossfire of some of America’s most infamous crusades.

“(gong sound) Marijuana! The burning weed with its roots in hell! … - Reefer Madness

Alie: We’re going to untangle the web of cannabis and dig into the details.

Ava: And after all that, we’ll see what the future holds.

Winona LaDuke: And so what I want to do is to talk about how we are going to build a post petroleum economy. And that has to be built with something like hemp.

Alie: Trace Material launches on April 8th. Don’t forget to subscribe!

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