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Trace Material Podcast: Season 2

The Social History of Plastics

We couldn’t tell the story of plastic without the people who made it, promoted it, and fought back against it. Their motivations weren’t always cut-and-dried; while some were profit-driven and power-hungry, others saw plastic as an opportunity to break out of the social norms of their present. As we imagine ways out of our current plastics crisis, their stories help us understand where to find the best solutions.

In our last episode of the season, we paint a broad-strokes picture of the Plastics Age, and the people who brought us into it. Then, we offer some ways to take action on all fronts – through our government representatives, in our communities, and in our future.

As we mentioned in the episode, our colleagues here at Parsons Healthy Materials Lab had some tips about how they turn despair into collective power. Here are some of the stories, resources, and organizations that have kept them motivated.

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Trace Material is a project of Parsons Healthy Materials Lab at The New School. It is hosted and produced by Ava Robinson and Burgess Brown. Our project director is Alison Mears, and our research assistant is Olivia Hamilton. Trace Material was made possible by funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities. Our theme music is Rainbow Road by Cardioid. Additional music from Blue Dot Sessions.

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