Trace Material Podcast: Season 1

Hemp in the Bluegrass

In this first episode, we’re going back in time to before hemp was considered controversial. To explain where we are today and why it’s such a hot button issue, we’re going to trace hemp’s history in the United States by looking back at the early American hemp economy. Who benefited and who suffered? Hemp could be found in patches behind farmhouses from Pennsylvania to Georgia. But, more often, it could be found being farmed in large, industrial plantations. Hemp is known to be a very labor-intensive crop, that, until the Emancipation Proclamation, was primarily farmed by enslaved African Americans.

To explore this history, we took a trip down to Farmington Historic Plantation.

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Bonus Material

Listen to the unedited conversation between Cassandra Sea and Kathy Nichols about the power of Cassandra’s son Benjamin planting the first hemp seeds at Farmington Historic Plantation since the legalization of hemp.

Behind the Scenes

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