Plastic Types: Moving Toward a Plastic Free Future

We’re tempted to hit you with hard facts and scary photos about plastic devastation… but chances are you already know plastics are a ~major~ issue and like us, you’re stressed. To help refocus that anxiety into advocacy, we’ve created this simple cheat sheet: “Plastic Types: Moving Toward a Plastic Free Future”. We hope this guide will help you identify common plastic types in your day-to-day and inspire you to prioritize healthier alternatives. While most plastics are not great, others are downright poisonous and should be avoided at all costs (ahem, we’re looking at you PVC).

Hang this handy guide somewhere you can easily refer to it, like your refrigerator or near your recycling bin, so you can be sure your plastics are ending up in the right bin. We recommend avoiding plastics altogether but realize this is easier said than done. Start small and whenever possible, opt for glass, stainless steel & porcelain containers, reusable bottles, straws & cutlery, and fabric or paper alternatives whenever possible.

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