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The Fall of Plastics: Trace Material LIVE! with Pete Myers

Join us for a live taping of Healthy Materials Lab’s podcast, Trace Material with guest Pete Myers, Founder and Chief Scientist of Environmental Health Sciences and Adjunct Professor of Chemistry at Carnegie Mellon University. Come behind the scenes as hosts Ava Robinson and Burgess Brown chat with Pete about the defining chemicals of the plastics age: endocrine disruptors.

We traced the social history of plastic during season 2 of Trace Material, and Pete will help us envision a healthier future. We know the 3 R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle) and explored the myth of plastics recycling on the podcast. In this event, we’ll talk to Pete about his argument for a new set of R’s: rethink, redesign, reform.

Pete will share stories of his own scientific discoveries relating to plastic and discuss the role he believes designers can play in protecting the health of our bodies and environment.

Our next event, What’s so Luxurious about LVT?, will take place on November 17th. Register now!

This event is part of The Fall of Plastics, a 3-part lecture series that addresses the need to radically reduce plastics in our lives. From their significant carbon emissions, to bringing toxics into our bodies, to creating waste that is accumulating exponentially each day, petroleum based plastic materials need to be questioned.

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