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October 06, 2021

Announcing The Fall of Plastics | 2021

Join us this autumn for the Fall of Plastics, a 3-part lecture series that addresses the need to radically reduce plastics in our lives. From their significant carbon emissions, to bringing toxics into our bodies, to creating waste that is accumulating exponentially each day, petroleum based plastic materials need to be questioned.

If you listened to Season 2 of the Trace Material Podcast, you’ll remember hearing how the social history of plastics has created our plasticized present. And, we know it does not have to be that way in the future. These three events address what plastics do to our bodies and our environment and how we can make changes to reduce their presence in our homes.

The Fall of Plastics - an online lecture series

Nov 10 12:00 ET Trace Material LIVE! with Pete Myers

Unpeeling the Layers of Plastic Toxicity
Conversation with Founder and Chief Scientist of Environmental Health Sciences (live podcast taping)

Register here.

Nov 17 12:00 ET What’s so Luxurious about Luxury Vinyl Tile?

New findings on carbon, toxic chemicals, and other environmental concerns across PVC’s lifecycle
Presented by Center for Environmental Health, Material Research L3C, and Autocase

Registration link coming soon.


Oct 20 12:00 ET Duracryl, A Healthier Resilient Floor

Bring your Lunch and Learn about a good alternative to PVC-based Flooring
Presented by Duracryl, from their manufacturing facility in Rotterdam, Netherlands

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