November 21, 2022

Hemp Building and Elder Housing

HempLime projects in Ukraine and on White Earth could use your help.

In Ukraine, a hemplime building is currently under construction to house orphans and refugees from the war. This project is spearheaded by incredible people that are volunteering time and money to make this happen. Sergiy Kovalenkov is a trailblazer and founder of Hempire, a company whose cement-free binder we have included in our materials collection. The project is looking for financial support to support their heroic work. You can donate directly to their project here.

On the White Earth Reservation in northern Minnesota, there is a hemplime house project underway for a grandmother and her grandchildren. The house will allow the family to move out of a home that is inadequate for the growing children and provide them with security and respite in a new, healthier home.

Sergiy Kovalenkov (CEO of Hempire) is in Ukraine building HempLime housing for orphans and refugees of the war.

Both of these projects will provide on-site training and education to local people who want to learn to build with natural materials. These projects intend to be prototypes for the communities to build more safe, healthy buildings with locally grown resources.

HempLime provides super products for the building industry. Products made from hemp and lime offer healthier alternatives in insulation, wall systems, textiles, and more because they do not require harmful petrochemicals. Hemp plants sequester carbon while they grow, and lime absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere while it cures–both reduce impacts on climate change. Hemp plants also regenerate depleted soils while they grow.

HempLime products are naturally resistant to pests, mold, and fire, eliminating the need for toxic chemical additives. HempLime products also improve interiors because they have excellent acoustic properties and naturally regulate humidity and heat. The insulative properties of HempLime make it an energy-efficient building material and require very little energy to produce. And hemp and lime products are naturally biodegradable. They can be fully recycled and reused to support a zero-waste economy.

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