March 03, 2022

HempLime Project is a finalist and an award recipient on America by Design

Our recent collaboration with Winona LaDuke, the Elder Housing Project, is featured on America By Design season 2 and the project has been given the Relationship Design Award by Salesforce! “This award highlights one innovative project that promotes positive change, fosters human connection and drives social impact.”

Thank you to Salesforce for selecting HempLime for this award.

“We love the work they’ve done on building communities and building infrastructure with a sustainability mindset.” -Justin Maguire, Chief Design Officer at Salesforce

America by Design is all about American innovation, ingenuity and design excellence. The aim of the show is to feature designs that inspire viewers and disrupt ideas about the design world.

Parsons Healthy Materials Lab’s HempLime Elder Housing Project was selected as a finalist! The Elder Housing Project draws from our community-based collaborative projects. We are working with local women and Winona LaDuke’s Honor the Earth organization to develop new housing on the White Earth Reservation in Northern Minnesota. The first homes will be constructed of hemp combined with local lime to create new models of sustainable, healthy homes. We will test new construction systems and propose training programs that will create new jobs. Through this process we will create models of prototypical housing for the future: healthy homes for all people.

Along with other great products and designs, the Elder Housing Project has been nominated for the People’s Choice Award!

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You can watch the first episode here and witness HML co-founders Jonsara Ruth and Alison Mears’s trip to White Earth and how the collaborative design process started.

Be sure to stay tuned to America by Design for more information on the Elder Housing Project!

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