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PA Hemp Home

New Castle, PA 2020 - Present

We are proud to be working on a HempLime home renovation, designed as healthy, affordable, and visitable housing. DON Enterprise in New Castle, PA is leading the collaborative project, which is called “PA Hemp Home” and is supported by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.

DON Enterprise is a consumer-controlled, nonprofit organization in Western Pennsylvania that empowers people with disabilities to live as independently as they choose. Partners on the project are two expert HempLime builders: Cameron McIntosh from Americhanvre in Pennsylvania, and Alex Sparrow from UK Hempcrete in England. The Pennsylvania Housing Research Center at Penn State University will conduct energy and performance testing which will be disseminated to Pennsylvania businesses and residents. Healthy Materials Lab at Parsons is designing the house renovation and will conduct indoor air quality monitoring and testing.


For the PA Hemp Home DON Enterprise acquired an 800-square foot, two-story house in the Lower East Side of New Castle, Pennsylvania.

DON renovates blighted homes and builds new homes in New Castle, an Act 47-designated city. They administer several home repair grant programs that improve the accessibility and quality of homes across the city and surrounding counties. DON is testing the use of hemplime to renovate a blighted, wooden home as part of its revitalization program.

Pennsylvania Housing Research Center (PHRC) will analyze the thermal, insulative properties, and performance of hemplime as well as the resulting impact on utility costs in this residential renovation. A comparison will be made between thermal, insulative properties of hemplime and residences using typical insulation and construction.

With Masters of Architecture student Meryl Smith, HML co-directors Alison Mears, and Jonsara Ruth developed architectural and construction plans used to renovate the home using hemplime for the exterior and interior walls. The ground floor is visitable, meaning that a person can visit without any accessibility issues, and human health is considered and prioritized at every stage. When the renovation is complete it will be a prototype for the renovation of similar houses in New Castle and other small cities nationwide.

After the pioneering renovation has been exhibited, DON Enterprise will sell the house at an affordable price to a member of the New Castle community.

Jonsara and Meryl visited the jobsite this month and watched the process of HempLime being sprayed into the walls. HempLime is a sustainable, healthy material that can be used to retrofit or construct the walls of affordable housing. Here, the flame resistant properties of the mix protect the old wood frame from future fire. The hemp and lime mix also creates breathable, highly insulated walls, producing a house that is durable and offers increased comfort compared with currently available housing. The plant and mineral based material is naturally flame retardant and anti-microbial, eliminating the need for any added toxic chemicals. HempLime walls continuously absorb odors, toxics, and carbon dioxide from the air making the indoor air cleaner than the air in buildings made from typical petrochemical based building materials.

This new climate resilient, affordable house will serve as an innovative prototype for future local housing. It will also expand uses for locally farmed industrial hemp. Once completed, the cost of the PA Hemp Home home will be the same as the other subsidized homes DON Enterprises sells to the local community. It will act as a model for the future of healthy, affordable and accessible housing, and prove to other developers that the radical change this industry needs is possible.

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