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The Fall of Plastics: Duracryl

Looking for Healthier Floors? Join us for a Lunch and Learn where we’ll hear from Duracryl on Wednesday October 20th 12pm ET about a healthier and sustainable alternative to LVT (luxury vinyl tile) which has numerous negative health and environmental impacts. This Fall we continue our search for healthier alternatives to plastic flooring.

Duracryl creates seamless, resilient flooring using plant-based biopolymers as a binder as well as aggregates made from recycled content. They offer bio-based alternatives to flexible resilient flooring, terrazzo, and concrete, as well as traditional linoleum. Duracryl will take us through a digital tour of their manufacturing facility in Rotterdam, Netherlands, and demonstrate the on-site installation process. They’ll show samples of products and discuss the use and development of biopolymers as a better alternative to petrochemical-based binders in flooring products.

Check out their Corques Liquid Lino in our flooring collection and join us for a live discussion with this sustainably conscious manufacturer!

This event is part of the Fall of Plastics, a 3-part lecture series that addresses the need to radically reduce plastics in our lives. From their significant carbon emissions, to bringing toxics into our bodies, to creating waste that is accumulating exponentially each day, petroleum based plastic materials need to be questioned.

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