February 12, 2019

Video: Affordable Housing and Beyond: Addressing the needs of All Populations

On January 23, 2019, Parsons Healthy Materials Lab and Health Product Declaration Collaborative (HPDC) hosted the fourth discussion in our Four-Part Discussion Series: Transparency and Material Health In Practice. This live audience Discussion Series provided Architecture and Design Professionals with guidance as you take the next steps to integrate healthy materials practices into product selection and specification in your projects.

This fourth Discussion, Affordable Housing and Beyond: Addressing the Needs of All Populations, explored how architecture and design are being transformed and informed by these new material health practices. We will discuss how the particular needs of vulnerable populations are being acknowledged and how this is impacting the work of architects and designers.

Our panelists spoke - from their own experience - to some of the common issues that arise in introducing material health into design practice and will describe the funding challenges, changes in design practice and the environmental and social benefits for occupants. The discussion provided case studies that can inform your own projects.

Speakers included:

  • Andrew Bernheimer, Principal- Bernheimer Architecture PLLC
  • Martha Lewis, Senior Architect - Henning Larsen
  • David Leven, Principal - LEVENBETTS
  • David Lewis, Principal - LTL Architects
  • Alison Mears, Director- Parsons Healthy Materials Lab

Watch The Discussion Here:

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