March 11, 2019

HML Establishes a new Academic Network

We are excited to announce a new academic initiative that will launch in March 2019. We are establishing a new network of architecture and design educators to support the open exchange of information about Material Health in the Built Environment. We enthusiastically invite faculty colleagues from Art and Design Colleges and Universities to join us.

At Parsons Healthy Materials Lab in New York City, we have been conducting design research on this critical new topic for design and architecture and we are creating a host of new information and resources. We want to share this with you to use in your course materials in your existing architecture and design programs. This is absolutely free. (Thankfully we are funded by people who wholeheartedly believe in material health as a critical topic for the 21st century). The only thing we ask is that you join the network so that we can hear what you may be doing in this field in your own schools.

We understand that this topic may be new to you, or one about which you might be interested in learning more. Please refer to the introduction here if you are unsure or uncertain about what we mean by material health in the built environment.

To establish this academic exchange among design and architecture schools, we are in the process of curating content on our website specific for design educators. In the meantime, we invite you to visit our website and explore existing resources. To become a part of this network, you will not be required to do anything except participate in a conversation, and hopefully, use the materials to teach material health in your own courses. We also invite you to consider joining us to discuss and workshop ideas in this field at a conference in New York in the Fall 2019.

Thank you for considering this commitment to join us in making a change in education to transform future buildings into healthier places for all people.

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