ReWall: Innovation Through Recycling

ReWall is a composite board material made with no formaldehyde or other harmful chemicals that can be used as a replacement for exterior sheathing, wallboard, and floor underlayment. But unlike conventional composite board material, ReWall is made from 100% post-consumer beverage containers that would normally end up in landfills.

Beverage cartons and cups are made from layers of paper, plastic, and aluminum which makes them cost, time, and energy intensive to recycle. But ReWall uses the entire composite materials of the cartons which makes reusing them much more efficient than recycling and creates panels that are inherently moisture and mold resistant.

Interior wallboard can be made with a paper facing or with the shards of recycled exposed for a truly unique finish. Each 4x8 panel uses at least 400 cartons, which means for every truckload of ReWall, almost 300,000 cartons are diverted from landfills. Des Moines Public Schools have even used cartons from their own cafeterias to make their ReWall boards and ceiling tiles.

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