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Green Cell Foam

Every year, 2.3 million tons of non-recyclable and non-biodegradable polystyrene foam ends up in landfills. But the makers of Green Cell Foam are hoping to change that by manufacturing a completely biodegradable replacement for polystyrene packaging. Their foam products are made from non-GMO cornstarch and provide thermal protection and durability comparable to polystyrene. And to reduce the impact of their product further, the corn is sourced entirely within the United States, eliminating the greenhouse gas emissions that come from international shipping.

Disposing of Green Cell Foam in a responsible way is incredibly easy. The product can be burned in a fireplace, composted, or dissolved in water and dumped down the drain. Because it is made of 100% bio-based materials, it makes for great plant food as well.

While Green Cell Foam’s products are currently used primarily for packaging, we can see applications for it in the modelmaking and prototyping.

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