Trace Material Podcast: Season 1

A New Dawn in New Castle

We’ve talked a lot about potential this season. We’ve heard from folks who believe that hemp can reignite local economies and overhaul the construction industry. But so far – those conversations have been largely academic. We’ve said this could work and that we hope it will work.

But this isn’t just an idea – it’s actually beginning to happen. And one of the places where it’s happening in New Castle, Pennsylvania. This week we’re talking to Lori Daytner. She’s the Vice President of Program Development at DON Services in New Castle. DON Services is dedicated to making housing affordable and accessible, particularly for those with disabilities. Recently they’ve decided that affordable, accessible housing isn’t enough, it also needs to be radically healthy.

In this episode, we’re heading to New Castle to see how the folks at DON are building a hemp industry from the ground up to support their vision of healthy, affordable, accessible housing.

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