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Winona LaDuke Keynote Address | Material Health: Design Frontiers

November 14, 2019

Winona LaDuke Keynote Address at Material Health: Design Frontiers, November 2019

In her keynote address at HML’s 2019 symposium Design Frontiers: Material Health, LaDuke, a water protector, a social/political/environmental activist, and a two-time vice presidential nominee with the Green Party, says the answer is organic hemp fiber.

Winona LaDuke asks how do we rebuild circular economies and what does a post-petroleum world look like?

LaDuke walks us through her journey from fossil fuel addict, to fighting pipelines in the great north, to becoming an organic hemp farmer and recovering critical knowledge about hemp fiber production, to hopefully one day establishing a circular and sustainable organic hemp textile industry. LaDuke shows that it’s time to search for new answers because “perhaps the solution to the problems we face is not found within the paradigm that created them?”

This address shares much of the experience with sustainability that indigenous people have developed over centuries and recognizes that if we’re going to change the world we have to work together. We hope you’ll join Winona LaDuke and HML in building this healthier more sustainable future.

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