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What's so Luxurious about LVT? | The Fall of Plastics

November 17, 2021

This event was part of The Fall of Plastics, a 3-part lecture series that addressed the need to radically reduce plastics in our lives.

“We encourage you to demand that manufacturers be more transparent about their supply chains, so that designers can make informed decisions about what we purchase. Finally, we hope that you'll help spread the word to your colleagues and clients that vinyl tile is anything but luxurious.” Judy Levin, Center for Environmental Health


Luxury Vinyl Tile is taking over the world of flooring: it mimics the look of wood or stone tile without the same installation or maintenance needs. It is cheap, waterproof, and durable. And manufacturers have been making sustainability claims arguing that they avoid chemicals or achieve a lower carbon footprint. Given that it is a synthetic plastic polymer, aka petrochemical product, one wonders how sustainable or healthy it can be?

Jonsara Ruth and Leila Behjat of Healthy Materials Lab and Judy Levin moderates the conversation between Jimena Diaz Leiva, science director at the Center for Environmental Health and Jim Vallette who leads Material Research L3C. Diaz Leiva and Vallette share their current research (hot off the press) into what we need to know about LVT and why alternatives for flooring are in urgent demand. The research paper will be shared once it is released.

Eric Bill, chief economist at Autocase was not able to make the presentation.

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