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Laura Vandenberg on Air & Toxicity | Material Health: Design Frontiers

November 15, 2019

Laura Vandenberg at Material Health: Design Frontiers, November 2019

In Laura Vandenburg’s presentation, “Avoiding Toxic Substances Can Lead to Real Benefits…but How Do We Do It?”, she examines the personal and planetary costs of unimpeded exposure to toxic chemicals and substances emitted from the products and materials that populate our indoor environments.

Vandenburg, an educator and environmental health scientist whose work focuses primarily on endocrine disruptors, demonstrates that many of these chemicals are negatively impacting human being’s daily biological functions. These toxic chemicals are also adversely affecting other living species and entire ecosystems. For Vandenburg and HML, the goal is to realize that we are not fine, we need to raise awareness of the harm being caused in order to stop the release of these toxic substances.

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