An Integrated Approach to Material Health in Affordable Housing

Awareness around healthy materials continues to grow – within the architectural industry and product manufacturing community, within our clients’ industries and the mind of the general public. Materials matter. They are the fabric of our built environment. A growing body of environmental health research has shown that building materials often contain chemicals known or suspected to be hazardous to human and ecological health. Within the architectural industry and product manufacturing community, within our clients’ industries and in the minds of the general public an awareness of, and interest in, healthy materials continues to grow. Materials matter. They are the fabric of our built environment. As designers, we have the potential to impact material health outcomes by making fundamental changes to our design practice.

Join these leading practitioners from Mithun, winner of the 2023 AIA Architecture Firm Award, to learn about opportunities to further the use and prioritization of healthy materials in affordable housing. The discussion will focus on the firm’s interdisciplinary approach to design for health frameworks, internal and external processes, and strategies for implementing and overcoming barriers through a variety of project case studies.

This presentation qualifies for 1 AIA CEU/HSW.

You can watch the recording of the event below.


Hilary Noll, Taylor Tessmer-Mogan, Tammy Lee, Annie Rummelhoff

Hilary Noll is an architect and social impact designer specializing in sustainability. A background in environmental studies and community development informs her work with groups through participatory design to achieve holistic place-based solutions that address issues of resilience, social justice, health, ecology and decarbonization. As sustainability integration leader, she serves as an expert design resource and process facilitator to advance building and site performance across the practice.

Taylor Tessmer-Mogan is Mithun’s materials specialist, focused on advancing sustainability and health in the built environment. With Taylors design background, she’s an essential part of our team, and understands the tremendous value of integrated design as it deals with materials, people, and space. As a product knowledge expert, she provides the tools necessary to address varying issues cornering social justice, equity, and sustainability. She is a strong advocate for collaboration, especially regarding global majority manufacturers and makers, and establishes unique relationships with Mithun’s design practice to the ever evolving and advancing material and product industries.

Tammy Lee has a depth of experience in landscape design with a focus on housing, including mixed use developments, student housing and affordable housing. Tammy’s designs emphasize the integration of people into the environment, creating spaces that are engaging and inviting. She is dedicated to bringing sustainable and beautiful outdoor spaces to all her projects.

Annie Rummelhoff believes that design should be impactful, that thoughtfully crafted spaces can improve health and wellness, and engage community. With a passion for integrated design, Annie has worked on a variety of project types in industries across the country—creative workplaces, student and affordable housing, civic and cultural spaces —and this range broadens her knowledge of opportunities and expands her approach to creative solutions. Annie is energized by research and discovery that enable deeper understanding of design’s impact on the human experience.

Header image credit: Casa Adelante at 2060 Folsom, San Francisco CA, Mithun

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