Material Health Book Launch

Who designs the future? Who shapes it? Who teaches it?

How does understanding the fundamental issues threatening our planet and the human species change the way we practice and teach design and architecture? These are some of the critical questions that provoked Healthy Materials Labs founders Jonsara Ruth and Alison Mears, to convene Material Health: Design Frontiers.


Material Health: Design Frontiers, explores the intersectional and complex meaning of health and design in the material world. We bring together experts from a wide range of fields related to design, health, materials, climate change, environmental justice, and innovation to explore and bring definition to the burgeoning field of material health.

The book is available for purchase in the U.S. this month, beginning February 15th. Featured speakers will include book editors Alison Mears and Jonsara Ruth and a select number of contributing authors. Let’s raise a glass to Material Health!

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