LUNCH + LEARN with Thread!

Learn more about the materials you can use to build a healthier and more sustainable environment! Join us for our Fall 2017 rendition of Lunch & Learns, hosted by the Donghia healthier Materials Library and Healthy Materials Lab at Parsons.

The Lunch & Learn series was launched to learn about and explore new materials on the market that are healthier and more sustainable than their traditional counterparts.

This semester we welcome THREAD and INTERFACE.

The presentations will be held in the Donghia Gallery.

November 8 - Thread

Thread transforms trash from the developing world into dignified jobs and sustainable fabrics. Come learn insights into their best practices and how they are working towards a healthier textile industry.

Healthy Materials Lab was formed to build healthier lives for all people through the dramatic reduction of toxics in the building industry. This initiative aims to transform the way that building products are manufactured, eliminate avoidable toxics and support the creation of new materials. Through optimizing the health and transparency of building materials in the entire supply chain, the lives of all people will be healthier.

The Donghia healthier Materials Library is a chlorinated polymer free space and advocates for complete material transparency.

If you have any questions, please contact us at: [email protected]

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