Healthy Materials Lab Goes Live!

Finding information about the health hazards of building products isn’t easy, and knowing what to do with the information once you find it is even more challenging. Healthy Materials Lab at Parsons School of Design is making this information more accessible and easier to understand. We’ve launched an online platform of four courses that allows students, educators, professionals, and homeowners to access information about the field of Material Health. It approaches questions such as: What is a healthy material? What kinds of questions should I be asking? Why is Material Health important? What kinds of materials should I be avoiding?

Join Alison Mears and Jonsara Ruth, Director and Director of Design at Healthy Materials Lab, as they introduce Parsons’ revolutionary Healthier Materials and Sustainable Buildings Certificate Program. Learn about its potential to impact the design profession worldwide by connecting building products, human health, and providing the tools to put that knowledge into action. Following the presentation, Alison and Jonsara will hold a moderated Q+A session to answer questions from the audience. You can submit your questions to [email protected] before the event, or directly on Livestream during the event.

Join us as we change the future of building—and improve the quality of lives. For more information about Healthy Materials Lab, visit

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