March 01, 2022

Mycelium Millennium Talks | 2022

Mycelium Millennium Talks is a 2-part series that explores the potential of mycelium to shape the future of healthy materials. Mycelium is the network of fungal threads that can be harnessed to do everything from cleaning up toxic waste sites to constructing housing to forming patterns on textiles. In these events, we’ll speak to innovators, design researchers and manufacturers who are manifesting mycelium’s potential across the fields of design, textiles, and architecture.


Mar 23 12:00 ET Harvesting Housing with redhouse studio: A Trace Material LIVE!

It’s high time we think outside the box on affordable housing. The answer might be where we least expect it…in the root system of mushrooms.

Join us for a live taping of Healthy Materials Lab’s podcast, Trace Material with guest Chris Maurer, principal architect at redhouse studio and member of the BioHAB team.

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Apr 7 12:00 ET Fashioning the Future with Carole Collet and Mylo ™

Will the future of fashion come from a fungus?

We’ll dig into this question and more with people on the frontline of research into mycelium with Mylo, a pioneering company developing a mycelium-based leather alternative, and Carole Collet, a material experimenter.

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