May 14, 2024

"How to Co-create with Nature" at the Munich Creative Business Week

“How to co-create with nature”. HML’s European Bureau is exhibiting and speaking at Munich Creative Business Week 2024!

Exploring how we co-create with nature aligns perfectly with HML’s initiatives in the EU and US to foster creating healthy spaces for people and the planet. Spanning from May 11 to May 19, the event features nine days of virtual and in-person activities, and we are pleased to participate in it this year. If you happen to be in Munich, we’ll be showcasing products from our EU-based materials library on Friday May 17, providing an opportunity for you to interact with building products available in the EU market. 

We welcome our European colleagues to join us online in these free online lectures:

>> How Healthy Products Build Healthier Cities on Tuesday, May 14, 2024, 9AM-10AM (EDT): HML Senior Researcher and European Bureau Director, Leila Behjat, will discuss a multi-disciplinary and intersectional approach to creating a built world that supports people’s health, nature’s ecologies, environments, and all living things. Register here

>> Future Alliances: Co-creating Living Materials and Objects on Wednesday, May 15, 2024, 9AM-10AM (EDT): HML Postgraduate Material Health Researcher, Jess Thies, will cover the benefits and challenges of designing with natural systems. Join to discuss collaboration, ethics and the broader implications of defining our biomaterials future. Register here

>> Building with Nature: Hemplime and PA HempHome on Thursday, May 16, 2024, 9AM-10AM (EDT): HML Cofounder and Director, Alison Mears, will explore building with hemplime, a healthy and affordable material that creates breathable, highly insulated walls. This lecture examines the PA HempHome, a pilot project executed to research, test, and apply HempLime insulation in the renovation of a small, affordable home. Register here

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