Healthy Materials and Sustainable Building on Coursera

2023 - Ongoing

Welcome to an addition to HML’s educational offerings! Join us on Coursera, an online learning platform that partners with universities around the world, for a 4-part immersive specialization: Healthier Materials and Sustainable Building.

This course includes the same content that hundreds of architects and designers have relied on as the comprehensive guide to material health. Now, you can access courses year-round and at your own pace. Plus, we’ve added new content focused on emerging research at the intersection of carbon, climate change and circular economies.

Healthy Materials Lab Co-Director Alison Mears and Senior Researcher Catherine Murphy guide you through four courses:

1. Building Materials and Human Health

2. Material Chemistry and Sustainable Building

3. Sustainable Building: Design and Specification

4. Sustainable Construction in a Circular Economy

You will learn the answers to key questions like: What are the toxic chemicals used in building materials? How do these chemicals affect us? Why does healthy design matter and how can we move from blueprint to building?

Then we dive into solutions––exploring the chemistry behind healthier building materials, green innovations, resources for decision making and transparency, and factors that influence circularity in healthier building projects.

You will finish the specialization by applying cutting-edge practices to a healthier materials project, executing from design to construction to the use phase.

Register on Coursera for the opportunity to learn at your own pace, sign up for individual courses with the completion of all four courses counting towards a specialization/certificate. Enrollment enables you to participate in peer review, and deepens your expertise about material health and sustainable building.



Alison Mears
Anasa Scott-Laude
Catherine Murphy
Dennis Rijkhoff
John Warner
Ogonnaya Dotson-Newman
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