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MFA Interior Design Studio 3

This studio was inspired by the work of the Administration for Children’s Services, which protects and promotes the safety and well-being of New York City’s children, young people, families, and communities, in particular, in the case of this studio, foster teens. Supported by Healthy Materials Lab at Parsons the students adopted the focus of HML which is dedicated to a world where people’s health is placed at the center of all design decisions.

The studio proposes a new typology of group homes to accommodate the diverse teens groups who are looked after by the ACS. Each of the proposals had a common thread of reflecting community youth development research and the material and physical health of the teens and their caregivers within the spaces.

All of the students came to the studio with a deep-seated belief that design can help improve lives and are committed to designing to encourage the most supportive social relationships and with the healthiest materials so that all aspects of their designs contribute positively to the populations they serve.

Faculty: Catherine Murphy

Co Faculty: William Watson

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